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            • Bubble bag series
            • Bubble roll series
            • Pearl cotton series
            • Anti-static series
            • PE ziplock bag
            • PE, PO plastic bag series
            • Aluminized bubble bag
            • Co-extrusion film bubble bag
            • CPE Frosted Bag
            Choose speeding up to five advantages
            Product advantages
            Protect the product, have excellent shock resistance, compression resistance, water resistance, shock resistance, moisture resistance and flexibility, light weight, semi-rigid shape, widely used in electronics, computers, meters, lighting, handicrafts, furniture, toys, handbags and bags The company obtained the qualification of general taxpayer of value-added tax in 2006 and passed the ISO9000:2008 quality system certification in 2010. The production standard is integrated.
            Production advantage
            Superspeed has advanced machinery, equipment and testing instruments, a complete factory operation process, strong technical force and strong production capacity, fast production response, fast production delivery time, and design mass production for customers to meet the requirements of new and old customers The monthly production of environmentally friendly products is 100-200 tons of PE and PO plastic bags, 150-200 tons of single- and double-sided bubble rolls, and annual sales of 20 million --- 30 million.
            Talent management advantage
            Brand-new management mode, perfect technology, high-quality, demanding management personnel and production operation team, implementation of strict scientific management, the company's plant area is 5000 square meters, 200 employees, we are in line with: "Economy, practicality, environmental protection, Perfect", integrity management and customer service.
            Environmental advantages
            Green and environmentally friendly, recyclable, the company has passed the safety production certificate recognition, perfect management and good after-sales service. The company's products meet the ROHS environmental protection requirements of the European Union Electronic and Electrical Appliances Prohibited Hazardous Substances Directive.
            Quality service price advantage
            Reasonable price advantage, excellent quality as the basis for survival, and considerate service. We always insist on customer first, serve customers with heart, insist on impressing customers with our own service concept, reputation as the purpose, and obtain the recognition of the industry with superior quality, and sincerely dedicate to us high quality product.

            About Us

            Shenzhen Chaosuda Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. is located at No. 7 Xinggong 1st Road, Gongming Hongxing Village, Guangming New District, Shenzhen (next to Shiyan Lake Resort). The company was established in October 2006, specializing in the production and sales of PE, PO, PP plastic bags, PE Self-sealing bone bag, PE mesh bag, PE stretch film, shrink film, shielding bag, single and double-sided bubble roll, EPE pearl cotton, sheet, styrofoam, four-color offset printing and other plastic packaging materials. Manufacturers, all manufactured products meet environmental protection standards (EU ROHS, etc.), and their comprehensive strength is at the leading level in the industry. The company obtained the qualification of general VAT taxpayer in 2006, passed the ISO9000:2008 quality system certification in 2010, and passed the safety certificate recognition in 2014.
            PE自封骨袋是一種常見的包裝袋。 你覺得它的質量如何? 無毒無味,符合食品包裝衛生標準。 但是市場上PE袋的廠家太多了,很容易看出PE袋的質量參差不齊,所以價格自然有一定的差距。 下面就一起來看看影響PE袋價格的因素有哪些。 這是對包裝袋異味來源的分析。 希望對大家有幫助! 我們是塑料包裝袋生產廠家,主要生產OPP袋、聚乙烯袋、CPP袋、復合袋、OPP塑料包裝聚乙烯袋等,擁有多年的生產經驗和完善的……
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